Until the 1960's Picatinny Arsenal employees belonged to an organization called the Army Ordnance Association (AOA), a national organization founded in 1920 dedicated to fostering progress in science, engineering, education and management for the national defense. The AOA had chapters throughout the country, and the Picatinny members belonged to the New York chapter.

On May 1, 1962 the Picatinny Chapter of the Armed Forces Management Association (AFMA) was chartered. This was also a national organization whose objectives were similar to those of the AOA.

On April 4, 1974, following the merger of AFMA and ADPA, the Picatinny Chapter became an autonomous and separate chapter of the ADPA.
Prior to the merger, the ADPA Picatinny Chapter had 114 members. After the merger, the fledgling Picatinny Chapter had a total membership of 320, ultimately rising to a peak of over 800 members.

In 1998, ADPA became the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). The Picatinny Chapter has had fifteen presidents since being chartered as a separate Chapter. John Amerspek served as the Chapters first president. He is currently serving as Chairman on the Board of Directors. Steve George is the current Chapter President. Other distinguished personages who served as presidents include: A. Roseff, A. Nash, J. Chesbro, V. Deeds, J. Shafir, G. Roosma, G. Cook, V. Guadagno, A. Moss, T. Strano, C. Digney, J. Tagliarino and C. Spinelli.